Bombardier Challenger 850


The Challenger 850 is a business aircraft developed from the successful and proven Canadair Regional Jet series and its business aircraft derivative, the Corporate Jetliner. The RJ was developed by stretching the Challenger series fuselage some 19 feet in length and increasing the wingspan 6 feet. Sturdier landing gear and steel brakes were also added as part of the RJ upgrade. The 850 is a corporate/executive version of the RJ/Corporate Jetliner airframe which includes among other additions, an all-glass cockpit, GE CF34-3B1 turbofans, which are more fuel efficient and powerful than the -3A1 engines proven on the RJ, and the redundant primary flight controls, electrical and hydraulic systems found on its predecessor. The 850 airframe has been changed however, to allow for an additional 4,000lbs of fuel resulting in an increase in takeoff weight, payload and range. The exterior and interior dimensions are the same as the RJ, but the 850's cabin is usually configured to seat no more than 12 passengers in a more spacious executive arrangement.

Aircraft Characteristics

Certified Crew
Typical / Maximum Cabin Passenger Capacity
Balanced Field Length [SL/ISA TMP] (FT)
Length (FT)
Wingspan (FT)
Height (FT)
Cabin Height (FT)
Cabin Width (FT)
Cabin Length (FT)
Baggage Capacity Internal / External (CFT)
2 GE CF34-3B1

General Information

Years Aircraft Manufactured
Estimated Retail Price Low
Estimated Retail Price High
Aircraft Category
JET > 20,000 LBS

Operating Cost Overview

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Range Map

The Bombardier Challenger 850 has a range of 2,986 nautical miles. Type in your city or airport identifier for a visual representation of the NBAA IFR Range (NM) for this aircraft.