Beechcraft Hawker 200


The Hawker Beechcraft Premier II, rebranded as the Hawker 200 is based on the Premier I but is slightly smaller but offers a longer range and more cargo space. The plane uses twin FJ44-3AP turbofan engines made by Williams International which are more efficient and have lower emissions than those of the Premier I. Featuring standard seating for up to six passengers, the light weight all composite fuselage constructed of a graphite epoxy laminate honeycomb core sandwich reduces weight, increases strength and minimizes corrosion.The interior features contoured seats that swivel and recline, a private aft lavatory, and the availability of a variety of audio and video entertainment systems. Cabin chairs have been restyled, adding side bolsters to the seat back and bottom cushions for increased comfort. At the new 45,000-foot maximum altitude, cabin altitude is still 8,000 feet. The pressurization differential on the Hawker 200 is boosted to 9.0 psi, up from 8.4 on the Premier I. Hawker 200 can maintain a sea-level cabin altitude to 24,000 feet.

Aircraft Characteristics

Certified Crew
Typical / Maximum Cabin Passenger Capacity
Balanced Field Length [SL/ISA TMP] (FT)
Length (FT)
Wingspan (FT)
Height (FT)
Cabin Height (FT)
Cabin Width (FT)
Cabin Length (FT)
Baggage Capacity Internal / External (CFT)
2 WMS FJ44-3AP

General Information

Years Aircraft Manufactured
Estimated Retail Price Low
Estimated Retail Price High
Aircraft Category
JET < 20,000 LBS

Operating Cost Overview

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Range Map

The Beechcraft Hawker 200 has a range of 1,392 nautical miles. Type in your city or airport identifier for a visual representation of the NBAA IFR Range (NM) for this aircraft.