Beechcraft Queen Air B80


Introduced in 1966 the B80 was to be the final production model. The B80 was by far the longest produced Queen Air with production lasting some 12 years. Its major improvement was the increased gross weight to a 8,800 lb (4,000 kg). This gave the B80 a useful load of well over 3,000 lb (1,400 kg). Production ended in 1978.

Aircraft Specifications

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Aircraft Characteristics

Certified Crew
Typical / Maximum Cabin Passenger Capacity
Take Off Ground Roll (FT)
Landing Ground Roll (FT)
Balanced Field Length [SL/ISA TMP] (FT)
Maximum Fuel (GL)
Length (FT)
Wingspan (FT)
Height (FT)
Cabin Height (FT)
Cabin Width (FT)
Cabin Length (FT)
Baggage Capacity Internal / External (CFT)
2 Continental IO-520-B/BA/BB

General Information

Years Aircraft Manufactured
Estimated Retail Price Low
Estimated Retail Price High
Aircraft Category
ME Piston

Operating Cost Overview

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Range Map

The Beechcraft Queen Air B80 has a range of 656 nautical miles. You can use the map below to visual this range from a particular airport...


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